Monday, February 3, 2014

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

The life of a Tiny Thing is turbulent, and strongly impacted by external forces.
February 3rd, friends.

For me, it's a Monday. For you... it's impossible to accurately judge. You're an unknown.

Does that feel good? To be an unknown?

Unknown winds tussling your unknown hair. An unknown wisp of smoke leaking from between your unknown clenched teeth?

It should. That sounds amazing.

Well. I've got a bold statement to make.

And it's a bold statement based on a lot of unknowns - so it's a bold statement that I will make with no shortage of consternation.

And it is thus....
Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love will be available on Steam; this Valentine's Day.
That is... the 14th of February, 2014 - vaguely-American time. Somewhere in the middle of all those US time zones.

There are a few really obvious things to cover in that sentence.
  1. Did you see that? The name change? Because I sure did. You see, I'm the king of snap decisions that could potentially be to my own detriment. And, in the spirit of this, I decided to change the tagline for Cube & Star from "A Love Story" to "An Arbitrary Love".

    I thought.... it's important to be really clear about the tone of the game. I don't want any miscommunications right off the bat.

    We're talking about scrolling eyes here. It's no time for subtlety.
    I'm moderately happy with "An Arbitrary Love". It's vaguely clinical. Vaguely mathematical. It conveys tone far more successfully than "A Love Story".
  2. Valentine's Day! Funny, right? Yeah. I was pretty happy with that brain-jolt.

    The real risk here is... I have no idea what the processing time is like on the Steam front. I'm hoping that... if I submit to the store say... this evening, the game will be live by a comfortable margin by the date I'm promising here.

    But can I really make that promise? No, I can't. But I am, anyway.

    You've got to roll the dice, occasionally.
End list.

Decrypting the history of the Tiny Things. A really bizarre gameplay addition on my part.
 But maybe that 1% of the audience might get a real kick out of it.
It was a really strange weekend for me, friends. The "to do" list shrinks and, in response, grows - but only by tiny amounts now. The volume of work becomes a trickle.

The heavy, vaguely foggy depression of being stuck finishing up a game begins to lift - and a strange little excitement takes its place.

A happiness-with-reservations.

I'm not really saying much here. I guess this blog post is a premature celebration. A kind of "nearly there" exhalation of stale development air.

I'm pretty happy with the game, friends. It has... definite good points.

There are points that I'd love to add, obviously. Or change. Or tweak. Or polish.

But there needs to be a line drawn. At some stage you must call something finished - or doom yourself to an endless, joyless state of "unreleased".
On the path of the strider. Do you see him?
The Silt Striders from Morrowind are one of my favorite pieces of visual design.

 I guess that's probably enough vague textual meandering for one day.

Best wishes to you and yours, as you navigate another week.

-Joshua McGrath


  1. Yay! I've been checking here every Friday since the 20th hoping for an announcement of some sort! I will keep an eye out. Looking forward to a lot more complexity than the Demo could offer. Thank you!

  2. Oh man! It's... such a strange sensation to have somebody who is looking forward to the release. I swear... it fills me with this weird sense of _purpose_. Like "this isn't just about you anymore, Joshua. This is about them!".

    On a related but un-related note - you should definitely send me a quick little note via so I can send you out a key as soon as the game is live.

    Because we're all in this together!


  3. Done! I even attempted a haiku! Very kind of you; I'm glad my enthusiasm makes you happy.