Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ocular Diabetes.

Have I used that title before? Man, I'm pretty sure I have. And the serpent consumes its tail.

I'm tired, friends. I'm just... tired.

Everyday I cross things off the whiteboard, every day more appear.

But! We are making progress. We are making headway. We are surging forward with some sort of semi-liquid fury.

The non-newtonian byproduct of our passion.
A flurry of pink, some sort of... ochre storm, and then the cleansing fire.

Let's talk. About that frantic piece of animation you see above you. About colors. About life.

So here we are! Our character - bold cube, is flooding the world with color, and buildings are sprouting where trees once were.

And - if you've got sharp eyes and no concerns about epilepsy, you can probably see another little addition in there too. A new type of entity. With its own feelings and desires.

I call them: "The Tiny Things".

They shout for joy. They should in semi-religious ecstasy. And they shout in racist fury.

They really do. It's all... in there.

Everything has a part to play. Everything is there for a reason. Things take too much time and mental effort to do them frivolously, I guess. So it's like... energy-mandated utilitarianism.

Let's talk colors!

So what I've done here... I've implemented a sort of ... "Color Wheel" type logic. I used this page about the Color Wheel (from Microsoft, of all people) as a jumping-off point, and added some automatic palette creation. So if you look at the buildings there - you'll see that their trims are colored with a complementary color and the faces (excluding the windows) are colored with analogous colors.

So everything kind of... works nicely.

(As you can flood-fill the world with any color your fingers can muster, via speed / rhythm and note choice ... vaguely shown in the animation above)

And that extends on into the tone of the sky, which is a smooth gradient between the two remaining colors in the color triad (where the dominant color onscreen is one, and the top and bottom of the sky are the other two).

What is that... sort of... blue-purple, green and a yellow color.  It works pretty nicely. Note that in this screenshot, it's dusk, so there is a color-toning going on with the color of the world's light.
And that brings us to Friday.

The Friday of my life. The Friday of my vacation. The Friday of our relationship.

Man, that sounds ominous.

Two days, friends. Two days. During which to work as furiously on Cube & Star as my health and sanity will allow.

And apres moi?

Le deluge.

-Joshua McGrath

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