Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Square Voice Project

Did you know...

Did you know...

That we have submitted Cube & Star: A Love Story to Steam's Greenlight program?

You can vote for it here, if you like it:

And - over the short few days it has been available; by far the most predictably controversial aspect of the submission has been the electronically-synthesised voices of the Cube and Star?

Now I got to meditating on this fact, and pondered to myself:

"How can I retain voice acting while also retaining gender-neutrality in the characters?"

And - while in the shower, I was struck by a (luckily figurative) lightning bolt:

I will mix together the voices of you, the public - into a grand master voiceover!

A voiceover that ebbs and flows between different voices - of different genders, ages and accents!

That will be a beautiful thing!

So here you are - the script for the Cube & Star video voiceover.

If you're super enthusiastic, record yourself reading the script aloud - and send a link to it through (or submit it as a video response to the Cube & Star trailer).

You'll get your beautiful name on a list of credits somewhere. I haven't decided where yet.
Oh man... or... would you like to have your name added to the pool of names that are given to the cubes/stalkers in the game?
That would be awesome!

"Now that you have grown large enough to bounce into the world on your own.
I'll leave you with some advice:
Wander. And leave a little life wherever you go.
Experiment. Examine. And grow your mind.
Ask questions, and be excited by the answers.
Explore. Adventure. Feed your curiosity.
But most of all.
Fill your heart with joy.
And leave the world a more colorful place than when you entered it."


I know I am!

-Joshua McGrath


  1. George P. SchnyderJune 3, 2013 at 3:59 AM

    Will record it this evening, as my kids are way to loud right now. My wife will also deliver the lines. And yeah, naming a cube/stalker with our name would rock.

  2. Oh beautiful! Man, I'm super-excited. Can't wait to hear your voices!

  3. How is this going so far? Many entries?

  4. Five entries thus far! (Five more than expected :D ) - We're starting to see the slowdown that comes from the Greenlight submission not being the "newest submission" anymore. Time to kick the social media gears into action!

  5. Awesome stuff, I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of it. :D