Thursday, May 16, 2013

The frog that leaps half the distance of its preceding hop.

Time is one of those things that... passes painfully but inevitably.

And the passing of one second feels a lot like the passing of one hour, which in turn feels a lot like the passing of one day - and the whole thing curls into an enormous ball of dead time.

And here we are; and almost three weeks have passed.

The whiteboard in this image actually contains the To-Do list from my real whiteboard. How is that for detail?
I played a few games - which is something I've not done enough of in the past few years.

This self-portrait is of your humble narrator playing Fez.
Although he could easily be playing Proteus or Bit.Trip: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien.

That's my veiled way of telling you that these are the games I've been playing.

I also played Starseed Pilgrim - which is mind-blowingly excellent - and on the whole, the cumulative effect of all of this game-playing has been a broader understanding of what I want to make, as a developer.
And then I meditated. And these sketches are part of that, I suppose.

Pondering those fundamental, ever-present questions:

"What am I even doing?"
"Why am I even doing it?"

And then the universe arranged itself around me nicely - which was convenient - and we enter the actual meat of the blog: the update. The real-life events.

Firstly; it's been cold. And I've been tired. So here is a self-portrait as I sit awake at 2am thinking about how good my hot coffee will be in the morning.
The Google Doodle of the day was a dedication to Saul Bass. I'm a fan.
It's almost like a religious rendering. David and Goliath. Michael and Satan. St. George and the Dragon. Beowulf and Grendel. Joshua and the Freezer.
While procrastinating, I defrosted the freezer (which blew out our fusebox thrice within two days).

I'm impulsive, so I did it with a steak-knife and fury; as opposed to a saucepan, warm-water and patience.

I wouldn't make a good farmer; I'd keep digging up the seeds to see if they'd sprouted.

And what does any of this have to do with game development? With Cube and Star (A Love Story) or with Doppler Interactive as a whole?

Why - it's the background. It adds color.

Did you read this far?

I actually have news. A good amount of news. Pretty big news, I guess. But I also wanted some reason or context (preferably both) in and by which to post these drawings (I'm trying to improve my drawing skills).

And that kind-of felt more pressing.

So I guess... stay tuned. I'm going to have another coffee and then meditate and then potentially post a follow-up blog.

Will I artificially date this blog in order to make it look like I posted more regularly?

I don't know. Tastes a bit off.

-Joshua McGrath

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