Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dev Blog #3: Cube and Star (A Love Story)

Given a long enough time-frame, pink will always triumph.
I think that's an indirect quote from the SCUM Manifesto, right?

It's midday. For followers of my daily rhythms, you'll know that this means it's my time to fret.

But I made this animated GIF. That's a whole lot of something, right?

There is a danger in stability, I think.This is a new topic, now. Unrelated to animated GIFs or fretting.

The danger of stability.

When a project is in a good state - a stable state - the inclination to disturb the balance of the ecosystem is low. It's a barrier to entry to work.
Which is strange - given that stability is the goal of the development process.

So I will make a sweeping, vaguely-productive statement:

"Start your day by breaking everything, end your day having repaired it."

It's an interesting one - the sedating power of stability. I find the same phenomena in games like... Minecraft.

Once you have a source of food, a home and a mining location... the motivation to extend beyond this decreases. You must force yourself to grow beyond contentment. As in Minecraft, so too in work.

I won't draw the metaphor into the real world and lifestyle decisions - but you know it's there.

And thus concludes by morning update. If my behavioural predictions hold true, I will enter a trance in three hours and emerge in seven hours having achieved something worth "blogging" about.


And here we are. Almost midnight. Time flies when you summarise a good portion of the day with ellipses.

And as it was written, so it came to be.

I spent a good few hours putting together an update for both the iOS and Android versions of Ball of Woe (based on the excellent feedback of Twitter compatriots @TweetsByTheTony and @TheBenLandis).

And then, post-omelette - I added the preliminary behaviour of "enemy" entities for Cube and Star (A Love Story). They take the form of hovering, rotating pyramids that spread monochrome.

They path a little more intelligently than the color-spreading cubes - using the classic A* pathfinding algorithm (from Tidy TileMapper).

Ultimately, they will path toward the player and facilitate its ultimate demise.


-Joshua McGrath

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