Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dev Blog #2: Cube and Star (A Love Story)

Here we are adrift in a monochrome sea.
And here we are, polluting said metaphorical sea. Everybody is getting in on it.
I like the concept. It allows us to be garish and colorful and "Candyland"-esque, but defers responsibility for this creative choice to the artificial intelligence and the movement of the player.
And the other islands of color are created by equally-sentient little rolling/bouncing cubes.
Aaaand the trees inherit the color of the ground. Naturally.
I'm being a little more proactive about blogging this week.

I enjoy the fact that Blogger underlines "blogging" in red. It's pre-empting the death of the medium.

I spent the day like I spend everyday.

Until Midday I fretted that I wasn't getting any work done.
Until 3pm I fretted that perhaps I would never get any work done, and that I was somehow fundamentally broken.
Scene omitted.
I find myself at my desk at 7pm, and work has been completed.

Sometimes I think I should just spend the morning doing something else. Read a book, go to the gym, paint a portrait, build a house.

But then I think:

"What if the fretting is instrumental to the mystical process of getting work done?"

And the cycle continues.

So during my productive blackout, I implemented some vaguely intelligent entities in Cube and Star (A Love Story) - they walk around, they path correctly, and everybody is happy. This is a nice little victory - as it opens the door to a whole world of possibilities.

And; as you can see from the screenshots above - I set the whole world to grey-scale and organised a kind of... "paint the world" situation. 

And here we are. Day 6 of March, and Day [X] of this prototype. I can't remember. I think 4. I think it's Day 4. That feels right to me.

Day 1: Map generation and movement
Day 2: Re-write the code to make it neater
Day 3: Shadows, iOS testing and interactions with scenery
Day 4: Rudimentary AI and ground-painting

Ça plane pour moi.

-Joshua McGrath

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