Monday, February 18, 2013

Ball of Woe Review Round-up #1

I distinctly remember the development of "Ball of Woe". I remember sitting at my computer - writing endless whiteboard "To Do" lists, thinking:

"My god. This is never going to end. I am going to be rolling this ball until I am desiccated, threadbare and grey"

Call me Sisyphus.

And then it was done. It was finished. And it was just the strangest sensation.

We were left at a bit of a loss. We had spent months intensely working over this game - and suddenly it was done: out in the world, people were touching it - and it was out of our hands.

And the response has been really warm. Just hugely encouraging. 

It's always difficult to tell - in advance - how people will respond to your work.

It's one of those "Well, I know what I'm trying to say" propositions.

But we're enormously happy with the reaction to "Ball of Woe". We put a lot into it - it was something really close to our respective hearts; and seeing people enjoying it and picking up on the little things that we were trying to convey - that's just beautiful.

So I got young Jessi to put together this "roundup" of the reviews thus far. 

And a massive thankyou to the people who took the time to download, play, ponder and write about "Ball of Woe" - it's much appreciated.

So go! Read the reviews, follow the authors on Twitter, bookmark their pages - get into it!

Ball of Woe Review Round-up #1

Indie Games The Weblog 
"The storyline -- in which players roll a ball made up of pure, accumulated misery -- is original and worthwhile."

Kotaku Australia
We participated in Kotaku Australia's "Show and Tell" an interview where we talked about Doppler Interactive and Ball of Woe.

The Indie Game Magazine
"If you prefer your physics based puzzle games to have a dark and surreal sense of humour with a whole bunch of cute and cuddly visuals, than perhaps you should check out Ball of Woe."

Indie Statik
"Ball of Woe seems to be mighty interesting in just about every corner of its design." 

"Aiming high, trying to craft something truly unique, ambition…in my book, that’s independent game development at its best."

Bunch of Gamers 
"The game is a really great experience … the design, story and overall sense of strangeness that you’re going to feel, playing it, don’t really compare to anything else." 4 Stars

"The game is both easy to play, yet hard to navigate – the interesting obstacles are annoyingly difficult to move around and will have you trying again and again to better your progress through levels."

Android Mag DE
This review was in German, so I didn't want to include a translated quote, but they did give Ball of Woe 4 Stars!

Sticky Trigger Entertainment
"The game is hard, is possibly the simplest way I could say it, but in that challenge there is definitely satisfaction." 8/10

Bug Online
This review was in Croatian, so again, didn't want to misquote with a translation, but the general gist was positive!

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