Saturday, December 8, 2012

How to play Ball of Woe

A super-special blog update for that mystery person who searched "How to play Ball of Woe" in Google. I saw your search come through on our analytics - and for a fleeting moment it was like our souls were touching.

And so, to celebrate this celestial bond that we so obviously share - I put this video together for you. I hope that; as you drift around this wide, wild internet - you find it - and take comfort in the fact that: no matter where you are, you can look into your computer screen and know that I am there, smiling back at you.

In other news - how excellent is the world in which we live?

I can refresh our analytics - see an entry for something that somebody has searched miles and miles away; I can make a video, upload it - and then put it right here. All within what... an hour or so. That's just magical. Really.

In other news: A big old update for Ball of Woe is coming soon to an App Store near you.

This update will include:

  • An entire universe of woe! (Universal App support) - play Ball of Woe on both iPad and iPhone.
  • Half the amount of ads.
  • Earn woe by watching videos! That's... something!
  • Half-price Balls and Puffs.
  • A new little screen that will tell you how close you are to unlocking a new Ball / Puff.
  • Something else, I'm sure.
  • A new icon! Thanks to feedback from our excellent friend at Buzzy.IO - the superstars of monumental-scale interactive media.
So that will be fun!

-Joshua McGrath

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