Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ball of Woe in Pictures

The Ball of Woe - liberating a Zu.
Interrogating the Woeful on the Mountain level.
Treading softly (carrying a big stick) through the Forest level.
Chasing the figurative road-runner through the Sandstone level.
Witnessing the revelations of the Woeful in the crystal caves.
Liberating the planets themselves as we progress into Space.

Friends! Look at this business.

You see - in the interest of generating all of the promotional material needed to ship to the App Store (you know... screenshots and the like) - I set our Ball of Woe test build to take a screenshot every three (3) seconds.

And, in the interest of me rushing things without 100% thinking them through, I left that same function in the Unity Editor build.

So we are left with tonnes and tonnes of lower-resolution screenshots, without a home to which to go.

And I thought unto myself:
"Is there some way I can exploit these destitute screenshots, so that they don't become wards of the state?"
And obviously - the blog is the answer.

So here we are - six delightful screenshots of the Ball of Woe in various states of egress. I think they make a colorful, delicious tableau.

Well... enjoy!

And if you're here, and you haven't been there - go there now - and listen to the entire Ball of Woe soundtrack, played end-to-end, narrated by your humble narrator. I made the mistake of posting this during the election, which coincided with the Australian Melbourne Cup, I think... so that was a whole noisy thing.

-Joshua McGrath


  1. "Friends! Look at this business." ... hilarious :)

    So, does this mean you're getting pretty close to release? Preparing screenshots and all that jazz...

  2. Tantalisingly, anxiety-attackingly close. I'm putting in the last few sound effects and we're good-to-submit. Frightening prospect!
    It's going to be an interesting release, I think. We've done a lot of things we haven't before: We're doing A/B/C testing on three ad networks, and we've got in-app purchases for both in-game currency and power-ups, and the whole thing is free to begin with.Hopefully we'll come out the other end with a tonne of valuable data and... a huge learning experience.

    (And ideally... a game that people like and that we're proud of for a minimum of six months ;) )

  3. Well I'm already in line to grab it. Good luck with the release.